Advanced usage of tao.js

One of the ways tao.js goes beyond standard Event-based programming is by providing several ways of handling Application Contexts that are raised/triggered/set on the TAO. They're presented here in the following order to make it easier to learn and understand, but as you will see are presented in the reverse order of their precedence.

This is one of the mechanisms that contributes to giving the TAO its ability to provide System-wide Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP), which is something that traditional AOP does not attempt.

The handler Types or Modes to be more accurate are:

The follow up guide explains the order in which handlers are executed. It only makes sense once you understand the different Types of handlers, but once you do, it is important to gaining a full understanding of how to use each different Type to take full advantage of what the TAO provides:

Finally, a few more advanced topics provided by the TAO and tao.js that will allow you to do even more, but these are rarely used and really are used for internal package (@tao.js/*) implementations:

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